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Underdeck Compressors

When you need 'Air Power to Go', rely on Vanair’s line of powerful, compact, and lightweight vehicle-mounted underdeck air compressors. A fraction of the cost of tow-behinds, these rotary screw air compressors deliver a powerful 50 to 1000 cfm. In addition to its space-saving positioning, convenient accessibility, and rotary screw dependability, Vanair is the only compressor company that offers the innovative in-tank air-oil separating element.

In-tank Air-Oil Separating Element

Unlike the traditional external, spin-on type used by other companies, the in-tank design offers a number of advantages, which translates into greater performance, safety and savings.

  • The in-tank design has greater surface area for increased oil separation.
  • The in-tank design is protected from the elements, eliminating the possibility of rust or damage from external sources.
  • The in-tank design has a five-year or 3,000-hour warranty (whichever comes first), compared to a one-year coverage for external separators. In fact, most units may never need replacements.

The Powertech™

Combining Vanair ingenuity with Sullair® dependability, the Powertech™ offers numerous advantages:

  • Vanguard™ Lifetime Warranty on air end
  • 100,000-hour design life
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Certified output: 200 cfm @ 175 psi
  • Greater efficiency for lower horsepower
  • Rear discharge for greater ground clearance
  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated inlet control valve

Underdeck vs. Trailer

  • Use your truck’s engine to power the compressor: no extra engines to operate, maintain, license, and insure.
  • Free up valuable truck bed space.
  • Eliminate damage and repair costs of tow-behind compressors.
  • Reduce insurance costs, as the compressor is integrated with the truck frame rails.
  • Increase mobility through traffic and on the job site.

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